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Ardent Training Announces New Partnership Programme at Southampton International Boat Show

Ardent Training is excited to announce the launch of its newly revamped Partnership Programme. Designed to foster collaboration with other sea schools and maritime businesses, the initiative aims to enhance the student experience, improve service, and grow our collective enterprises.

The Ardent Training Partnership Programme is built on the core principles of mutual growth, shared expertise, and a commitment to elevating the maritime learning experience. With a focus on innovation and quality, we aim to create a network of collaborators to add distinct value to the services offered.

We cordially invite all sea schools and maritime businesses attending the Southampton International Boat Show to visit our stand and explore how we can work together to achieve common goals. Whether it’s integrating courses, sharing resources, or co-hosting maritime events, the possibilities for collaboration are boundless.

To celebrate the relaunch of our Partnership Programme, we’re offering exclusive incentives to new partners who join us through the Southampton International Boat Show. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking community dedicated to redefining the landscape of maritime training.

By joining forces, we can offer students and clients a richer, more comprehensive maritime learning experience. From cross-promotional offers to bundled course packages, the partnership aims to deliver unparalleled value to our respective customer bases.

The Southampton International Boat Show is more than a showcase—it’s a venue for the future of the maritime industry. We are eager to discuss the intricate ways we can weave our services and skills together to create a robust tapestry of maritime education and business opportunities.

Come meet us at the Southampton International Boat Show and let’s explore how we can enrich our contributions to the maritime world.

For more information on our Partnership Programme and to schedule a meeting during the event, please reach out to our team.

Contact Information:

01688 325025

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