Boatshed is one of the world’s largest yacht brokerage groups that prides itself on giving potential buyers the most complete and accurate picture of the boat that they want to buy.

At Ardent Training, we love hearing about Boatshed’s selling process. They have shaken up the industry by taking the personalised service you would expect in a small local shop and scaled it up to a global reach giving you the best of both worlds.

Boatshed Brokers personally visit every boat that they list, taking unlimited photographs and videos which are available online to registered users anywhere in the world. They also take an interest in every potential buyer, helping guide them to their perfect purchase.

They have refined the process to such an art that they can boast incredibly fast sales and customer satisfaction.

Boatshed facts:

  • Over 1 million registered boat buyers
  • Sell your boat twice as fast
  • 260,000 unique visitors/pm
  • 1000+ boats sold per year
  • 70+ Boatshed branches world-wide

Boatshed’s online sales platform has pioneered the clear and transparent marketing and sale of used boats online and is the very best in the industry. A tremendous advantage of marketing a boat for sale with Boatshed is that an owner reaches well beyond the locality of the boat.

We have no problem recommending Boatshed for all your boat purchases and sales.